UNICEF study shows that almost half of all primary school-aged children in Haiti are illiterate and do not attend school.  Public schools in Haiti either start and cannot finish or they only have the capacity to serve just a handful of the school age population in their area.  Inspired to build a scholarly environment, Haitian Americans Inspired to Influence (H.A.I.T.I.) have teamed up with First Student School in Santo in an effort to rebuild the school and provide stability into the children so that we can foster hope, esteem, strength and training for their lives.  Most schools in Haiti receive little to no public funding.  Strategies to implement First Student School as a free school system is underway but we cannot do this alone.  We need you to assist with our international development focus and ensure that the children remain our future.  Please check out the video and see our current stages of the school building project.  We are asking you to join us and donate in areas of construction, paint, school supplies, desks, chalkboards, sponsorship, teaching programs and volunteers.  To give a gift contribution, you can click on our donate button at the top of the page.  If you are able to help in any capacity, please reach out to us on our contact page.  We appreciate you being inspired, now, let’s influence the world.

The inaugural date is set for September 2017,


Thank you to the Abundant Life Family Worship Church for their gift donation to help out those in need in Haiti after the hurricane.  Their love gift fed many and is promoting education in different parts of the country.


Proud to share the Haitian heritage with ancestors and countless bloodlines as the first free black republic.

Here's to another 214 years of health, prosperity and empowerment.

Let us continue to inspire to influence the world!


Do you have a strong social mission?  Co-venture with us as we embark on an ongoing mission to assist Haiti after Hurricane Matthew delivered a devastated blow to the island on October 3, 2016.  This catastrophic hurricane has left thousands displaced, destroyed without bridges, homes and clean water in the southern coast of Haiti.

Haiti is now in a major set back from the progress made from previous rebuilding effort of the 2010 earthquake.  In turn, we would like to be a blessing to those who have lost families, businesses and nearly every possession one area at a time.  But we cannot do it alone.  We need you on board with us and we thank you in advance for your generosity.  Please click on the Donate button above to make gift donation.

Critical Ongoing Need for:

Assistance, emergency shelters,

food, emotional and spiritual care, education,

clean water, hot meals, medical kits, first aid, hygienic product, containers, clothes, etc...Every little bit helps.

Contact us: for more information.